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The Blockchain Lab Drenthe foundation aims to investigate blockchain technology for use in the province of Drenthe in the Netherlands.


In the website repository we share the content of our website, electronic learning environment and wiki. In addition, we will make public in other repositories the software products that arise from research questions that have been put to the lab. All the repositories are free to use.


We regularly share our findings with people from the region in meetups. The meetings are free and accessible to everyone. A meetup starts with an update on the latest blockchain developments and then goes more deeply into a certain topic. Specific prior knowledge is not required. Interested parties who would like to dive deeper into the matter are invited to become participants in the lab.


The Blockchain Lab Drenthe foundation strives to establish an extended network of people who are interested in Blockchain technology and want to exchange ideas about this. People who want to participate in research projects can do so within the lab.


We offer training and guidance to interns provided that in return they are prepared to contribute to knowledge and products through the lab. The website, electronic learning environment, repositories and wiki are used to safeguard all learning experiences. We also train schools and companies